Practice speaking Mandarin anytime, anywhere.

EduSaga allows students to practice speaking with real time feedback all on their own.
It is playable through your browser - no download required.

A wide cast of characters keeps students engaged with speaking - not with their nerves.

Even the boldest students can be intimidated by speaking another language out loud. When they're tempted to give up, colorful characters and game rewards keep them going.


Tasks aligned with ACTFL Can-Do standards.


Scaffoled lessons provide achievable goals as students build relationships with characters. Meanwhile, you can see their progress while they play.

Different modes of play. Variable levels of difficulty.

Converse with Characters

Students can speak Mandarin with a variety of characters who respond realistically and keep the conversation going.

Listen and Respond

Students can listen, think, and respond critically to material presented in Mandarin by helping other characters learn too.

Scaffoled Learning

Characters respond realistically with encouragement and constructive criticism. Character expressions, context cues, and a supporting cast assist when a student struggles.

Fast feedback you can count on

Assign Speaking Homework with Ease

Ensure that students "partner up" with a supportive, skilled speaker by assigning Edusaga. Practice and assess in the classroom, or remotely.

ACTFL Can Do Statements Aligned

All our episodes were created with specific Can Do statements in mind.

See in Real Time Where Students Struggle

See current and past performance with Edusaga's visual feedback. Track classes, groups, and individuals - and push topics and tasks to each.

Track Long Term Engagement with Feedback You Can Use

See performance over weeks, semester, even years to help direct and customize Edusaga engagement.

Are you a teacher?

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