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Providing interactive speaking activities and immediate feedback to learners through speech recognition

Speaking Episodes!

Ordering at a Fast Food Restaurant

Scenario: Ask about what the restaurant has, the price of different foods, and finally order something at this fast food restaurant scenario.

Key Phrases: 你有没有...? 几块钱?, 来一个/我要一个

Meeting a New Friend

Scenario: In this scene, you meet David, someone who you met at the airport and who will be attending a Chinese langauge program with you. You want to learn as much about him as possible.

Key Phrases: 你是哪里人, 你几岁, 你属什么, 你喜欢...?

Asking about Family Members

Scenario: You and Linda have just met and you're curious to learn more about her family.

Key Phrases: 你家有几口人?, 你的妈妈是哪里人?, 你的爸爸几岁?


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